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Bee Local Photo Essay

I spent a day with bee advocate/master bee keeper Damian Magista of Bee Local. He runs a Portland-based honey business that sells local, neighborhood honey. He keeps 30+ bee hives around the central Portland area and each has its own unique flavor/color derived from the surrounding region—1.2 miles from the hive to be exact. I asked Damian some very basic questions like, why do bees make honey? In which he answers in detail. The following is what I can recall from our numerous conversations.


I arrive at his studio at 10 a.m., feet sticking to parts of the floor walking up to his office. He chats to me while his eyes are glued on his monitor typing away. “This is the boring stuff…” A customer from a local coffee/wine bar stops in. Damian greets him and carefully pours him a large jar of honey for their new bestselling coffee with honey drink.


“What got you into this Damian… was it the honey??” asks the patron.
“Nope. It was just for the bees…” Damian says.

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