Prefresh is a super happy fun-time brand for kids based in Portland Oregon. Our company was founded in 2007 by artist/designer Jason Taylor, as a collection of unique lifestyle clothing and accessories for little kids. Together with his wife Tiffany, their mission was then, and still is, to make quality products using the softest fabrics available – focusing on vintage-inspired fits, creative designs and materials that both parents and kids equally L-O-V-E. 

Prefresh looks at the lighter side of life, and creates basic staples that are classic and timeless. We rely pretty heavily on taking it extra easy, using plenty of humor, totally laid-back characters, and tons of sugary innuendo. Neat, huh? We have fully drank the Kool-Aid philosophy of “Good Times Forever”. We definitely do not take life, or fashion, too seriously.

10 years in, and we have moved from selling our first tees off of a folding table in some weird store, to over 200 retailers worldwide. Most of our tees and sweatshirts have now become valued collectables, and we have grown an incredible group of Prefresh fans that now trade our tees online like wolves of Wall Street.